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About Me And My Service

Not everyone can rely on an airline when it comes to providing you with the time and attention you or your loved one may need when flying.   Airlines have good intentions, but gate agents and flight attendants are overworked and have a lot of people to assist.  My job will be to assist only you until our travel is completed. 

Many people have a fear of flying or other limitations that make air travel difficult for them. 


  As your flight chaperone, I will travel with you and offer dedicated and experienced help to make sure you or your loved one travels safely and has someone available to assist as needed immediately. 

I have twenty years of comprehensive travel experience throughout the United States and Europe.  I also have twenty years of public service including law enforcement and emergency medical services.  I have a passion for travel and helping others. 

While I am based in Houston, Texas, I can travel to where you are located so we can start the trip from your location. 

Once we meet on our day of travel I will assist you for as long as you need my assistance, whether it be for airport-only assistance, or the duration of your trip.  

 After we check our bags we can make our way through security together.  I'll try to make that experience as painless as possible.  Having TSA PreCheck will speed that process up. 

Instead of waiting in a loud terminal, we can use an airline lounge.  I have access to the American Airlines Admirals Club and Priority Pass lounges.  Both offer access to a quiet and clean space where you can enjoy free drinks, snacks, and Wi-Fi.  It's also much easier to request special arrangements or seat upgrades from the airline agents inside the lounge.  Access to the Admirals Club now requires a ticketed flight on American Airlines.  Should you choose to travel in first-class or business, more lounges may be available.  We can dine at a restaurant if a meal before the flight is desired.  Priority Pass also has an agreement with several airport restaurants, which will reduce the meal cost.  Every dollar off helps when traveling!  I'll do my best to reduce the cost of your trip by extending to you my frequent traveler benefits when possible.

Once it gets closer to our boarding time we can make our way to the gate.  If you require assistance,  I will have already arranged that for you.  We will board the flight together, sit together, and disembark together.   While onboard I'll make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment if it's available.  I'll also ensure your medical or dietary needs are met. 

If we need to transfer to a connecting flight, I will have already requested assistance getting to the gate if required. 

Should there be a disruption in our travel plans, I will make sure we are rebooked and/or make arrangements for the night in a nice hotel, such as a Hilton or Marriott unless you have another preference.  If a layover is intentionally booked for our flight, I will make sure we are booked according to your wishes.  I do have top-tier status with Hilton and mid-tier status with Marriott so I can potentially provide free room upgrades and other hotel benefits including free breakfast. 

If desired, I will do my best to make sure you are in contact with your family for every segment of the trip.    

Once we complete the final segment of the flight, I will make sure to get your luggage and get to your destination.

I will stay with you until the job is done.  I will never leave you alone to wait for a ride or to meet someone.  

Plans change.  Flights are delayed and diverted all the time.  My job is to make sure the expected and unexpected are safely handled, while by your side, every step of the way.  

The same will be true if you need a pet chaperone to ensure your beloved pet gets to its destination comfortably and safely.

Whether you need a flight chaperone for elderly travelers, unaccompanied minors, or a pet, I am obsessed with quality and I'm confident I can help make your trip both safe and fun. 

Just Plane Helpful offers premium services that are affordably priced. 


Your Travel Ally

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