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Two Shades of Leather Pouch

Two Shades of Leather Pouch

Made with strips of leftover leather pieces, this pouch can be used as a wallet, small clutch, or a pouch you throw in your purse to keep things organized. Sturdy leather strap and zipper closure finish it with strength! The Story: Goat is a primary source of protein here in Haiti. Don't think about that too much..Ha! BUT nothing is wasted here. NOTHING. So Benson buys the whole pelt...he buys hundreds of them! He makes journals and totes and many things...and he ends up with barrels of good leather that he paid good money for that are in smaller pieces. This cool design is a way to monetize the smaller pieces which is just a good idea all the way around The Details: -90% local materials
Made in Haiti


    20,00$ Szokásos ár
    15,00$Akciós ár
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