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Cup of coffee, passports and no name boarding passes._Airplane made of cinnamon in coffee.

Airport only Chaperone services
to make sure your loved one gets on the plane safely.

I'll pick you up in a clean Infiniti sedan, drive you to the airport and then help you in the airport until you board your flight.

holiday vacation jack russell dog waiting in airport terminal ready to board the airplane

-"Your Travel Ally" will pick you up at your location of choice in an extra clean 2022 Infiniti sedan that has low miles and leather seats.  
   -I'll assist with your
luggage to the check-in counter.
-I'll assist you to the gate if
needed. I'll need to obtain a gate pass to further assist you.
-I'll assist you through
security screening.
-I'll accompany you to the gate until you have safely boarded and until the plane has departed.  If needed, I will call your family and advise them you are safely on your way.

I do not have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  If you have a wheelchair, and if it folds, I can put it in the vehicle, but I do not have a lift.  If you need a wheelchair at the airport, I'll be happy to assist in getting that for you.  (When booking your flight, please let the airline know you will require a wheelchair at the airport).  I'll be assisting you just as a friend or family.  No rushing like airport employees.  There will not be a line of people waiting for my help. 


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